TreatmentPay as you goCare PlanMaintenance Plan
New Patient Examination including all necessary x-rays and treatment plan£72.00£72.00£72.00
X-Ray (Small)£9.00IncludedTwo per year
Emergency visit (include X-rays)£72.00IncludedIncluded
Simple Scale and Polish£49.00IncludedIncluded
Advanced Gum Treatment (Per Quadrant) from£100.00Included£85.00
Extractions from£95.00Included£80.75
Silver Fillings from£95.00Included£80.75
White Fillings (Front Teeth) from£120.00Included£102.00
White Fillings (Back Teeth) from£150.00Included£127.50
Root Canal (Front Teeth) from£375.00Instrument charge£318.75
Root Canal (Back Teeth) from£575.00Instrument charge£488.75
Crowns from£625.00Laboratory fee£531.25
Veneers from£550.00Laboratory fee£467.50
Inlays from£500.00Laboratory fee£425.00
Acrylic Dentures from£550.00Laboratory fee£357.00
Chrome Dentures from£850.00Laboratory fee£722.50
Emergency Call Out£220.00First £15.00First £15.00
Written dental report (including two small x-rays)£80.00£68.00£68.00
Quick Straight Teeth one arch from£1800.00----
Quick Straight Teeth two arches from£2999.00----
Invisalign one arch from£2299.00----
Invisalign two arches from£2999.00----

A £35 deposit is taken ahead of any private appointment and patient plan treatment. For NHS treatments we may ask for the payment to be made ahead. This is to ensure our time is used effectively towards patients in need of care.

The number of examinations and scale and polishes included in the maintenance plan are subject to the individual plan taken by the patient as agreed with the dentist.

Payments: as all treatment plans are based on individual needs it is only possible to give a general guide to our prices. A detailed breakdown of each treatment plan will be provided so that you will be aware of the costs involved prior to treatment commencing. Treatment must be paid for as you go along, with the full balance due on completion.

NHS dental charges

There are 3 NHS charge bands:

Band 1
The current charge is £25.80.
Treatment covers:
• an examination, diagnosis and care to prevent problems
• if necessary, X-rays, scale and polish and planning for more treatment

Band 2
The current charge is £70.70.
Treatment covers:
• all necessary treatment covered by band 1
• treatment such as fillings, root-canal treatments or extractions (having teeth taken out)

Band 3
The current charge is £306.80.
Treatment covers:
• all necessary treatment covered by band 1 and 2
• more complicated procedures such as crowns, dentures or bridges