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Dental Hygiene in Rugby

Dental Hygienist in Rugby

Sparkling Smiles: Premier Scale and Polish in Rugby

Maintaining your teeth’s health is best achieved through regular check-ups and excellent dental hygiene practices.

Essential to oral health, regular dental hygiene sessions are crucial for removing tartar and plaque accumulations.

During your appointment at Rugby Dental Care, we will eliminate all tartar and plaque build-up, ensuring your teeth are thoroughly protected at all times.

Bacterial plaque, a multiplying bacteria film that clings to teeth, is the leading cause of gum disease. Without proper removal, it can evolve into calculus (tartar) due to saliva mineral precipitation.

Expert dental hygienist providing Dental Hygiene services in Rugby for a sparkling, healthy smile.

Your Initial Consultation

We understand you need to gain a sense of trust in your dentist. This is a good opportunity to meet the team and to discuss any concerns you may have.

Practice Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 08:45 AM – 05:15 PM | Closed for Lunch 12:30 PM to 01:30 PM

Deep Scale and Polish and Stain Removal in Rugby

A scale and polish in Rugby is a gentle treatment designed to remove every trace of tartar, plaque, and bacteria. This procedure will not only enhance the appearance and feel of your teeth but also diminish the risk of gum disease.


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