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Same-Day Emergency Dental Care
Urgent dental issues? Get same-day care at Rugby Dental Care. Call 9 AM - 4:30 PM.
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At Rugby Dental Care
We've been providing quality dental care to the town and surrounding areas for over 65 years.
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Teeth Whitening
Only £299 - Book your appointment now
(Subject to examination)
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Smile with Straight Teeth
Invisalign Clear Aligners
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Dentist in Rugby

Caring For Your Smile

Private & NHS

(Due to our current NHS contract size, we are unable to accept new NHS patients at this time.)

Our philosophy is that patients come first, and you’ll be treated with respect and courtesy by our happy and enthusiastic team.

Our practice provides a bright, warm and friendly environment. All of our surgeries are fitted with the latest equipment, so you can be sure of receiving the highest possible standard of dental care.

Special Offer At Rugby Dental Care

From Leading General & Cosmetic Dentists in Rugby



Only £49 (Was £72)



Only £3500 (Was £3999)


Teeth Whitening

Only £299 (Was £399)
(Subject to examination)

What We do?


Dental Hygiene

Maintaining your teeth’s health is best achieved through regular check-ups and excellent dental hygiene practices. Essential to oral health, regular dental hygiene sessions are crucial for removing tartar and plaque accumulations.


Gum Disease

Gum disease arises from the accumulation of harmful bacteria in areas that are challenging to clean. A potent treatment method is oral irrigation, which effectively removes plaque, bacteria, and toxins.


Emergency Dental Care

Immediate assistance for all dental emergencies. Contact our emergency dentist in Rugby for fast, reliable treatment when you need it most.


Tooth Extraction

If your tooth is damaged or decayed beyond repair with traditional methods like fillings or crowns, your dentist at Rugby Dental Care might consider extracting the tooth as a final measure.


Root Canal Treatments

Should you have an infected tooth, it can often be salvaged with root canal treatment at our central clinic in Rugby. This treatment is fairly quick and will eradicate all bacteria, reinstating your tooth’s health.

Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening

Our teeth become stained through the foods and drinks we consume, with tea, coffee, red wine, and cola being particular culprits. Habits such as smoking and even certain medications can also stain your teeth. Teeth whitening treatment uses special bleaching gel to remove these stains and create a natural-looking brighter, whiter smile.

invisalign in rugby


Invisalign in Rugby embraces traditional orthodontic principles while incorporating modern advancements to deliver nearly invisible treatment. At our Warwickshire dental practice, we’ll thoroughly discuss your treatment options during your initial consultation.


Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are ideal solutions for teeth that are severely damaged or broken. With proper maintenance, crowns and bridges can last from 10 to 15 years.


White Fillings

White fillings in Rugby are an adaptable and efficient treatment method capable of addressing a broad spectrum of dental issues. They are employed to substitute amalgam fillings, construct single veneers, enhance the shape and contour of teeth, conceal exposed root surfaces, and assist in the management of cracked teeth.


Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are an exceptionally effective cosmetic solution that can significantly enhance the look of your teeth. These ultra-thin yet remarkably strong shells are adhered to the front of your teeth, creating a consistent, even, and attractive smile.

Same-Day Emergency Dental Appointments

Emergency Dentist in Rugby

At Rugby Dental Care, we’re equipped to handle a variety of dental emergencies with urgency. From chipped teeth, missing fillings, or detached crowns to intense toothaches or discomfort, we’re ready to assist.

Our compassionate team of emergency dentists is here to offer advice, support, and immediate treatment. Our goal is to alleviate your pain swiftly and affordably.

Our patients can secure a same-day appointment for prompt treatment. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and care at reasonable rates.

NHS Dentist in Rugby


At our dental practice in the centre of Rugby, we offer both NHS and private dental care. At the moment we are accepting new private patients. We are often asked by patients what the difference is, and which would be best for them.

NHS dentistry is great for the more basic aspects of dentistry – regular check-ups, fillings, dentures, etc. All our NHS patients receive a very high level of dental care and are very happy with the service they receive from our dentists.

Our private patients benefit from a wider choice of treatments and materials because they can also choose from those which are not funded by the NHS.

However, our NHS patients can also choose a private treatment option if they wish without it affecting their NHS status. So, for example, if you want to invest in a hygienist appointment, or if you would like to enhance your smile, we will be more than happy to help.

Membership Plans

Why are we offering dental plans?

The main reason is that patients have asked us to. It gives you the opportunity to spread the cost of your dental care and you also benefit from Supplementary Dental Injury and Emergency Insurance.
For the practice it means we can plan your regular dental care more effectively.

What are the advantages of joining a dental plan?

It is much easier to spread the cost of your dental care; you have the peace of mind of being covered by the insurance policy; you become a member of the practice and have access to your dentist.

How do you join a plan?

Joining is very simple. Just telephone our reception team and they will answer any questions and make an appointment to see a dentist.


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