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Gum Disease in Rugby

Gum Disease in Rugby

Beat Gum Disease at Rugby Dental Care: Expert Care for Healthy Gums

Gum disease in Rugby arises from the accumulation of harmful bacteria in areas that are challenging to clean. A potent treatment method is oral irrigation, which effectively removes plaque, bacteria, and toxins.

Managing Loose Teeth

Advanced gum disease may lead to loosening teeth. Many individuals prefer to retain their teeth for as long as possible, and through a mix of splinting and composite bonding, we can secure any unstable teeth.

For those with loose front teeth, we can splint them together, improving comfort and functionality during eating with gum disease in Rugby.

Professional dental treatment for Gum Disease in Rugby, ensuring healthy gums and smiles.

Your Initial Consultation

We understand you need to gain a sense of trust in your dentist. This is a good opportunity to meet the team and to discuss any concerns you may have.

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Understanding Gum Disease in Rugby

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, involves the infection and inflammation of the gums, primarily caused by plaque accumulation on and beneath the gum line. Without regular removal, plaque harbors bacteria damaging to gums and the supporting bone, possibly leading to tooth loss. Symptoms commonly include bleeding gums, chronic bad breath, red or swollen gums, gum recession, and mouth sores.

Established gum disease demands professional treatment to eradicate bacteria within gum pockets.

Professional Gum Disease Care in Rugby

At Rugby Dental Care, our skilled team offers thorough treatment for gum disease, which may involve:

  • Scaling and Prophylaxis
  • Oral Hygiene Education
  • Laser Therapy
  • Periodontal Surgery
  • Antibiotic Therapy

Treatment aims to eradicate plaque and tartar, with surgery as an option for severe cases to remove infected tissues and bone.

Gum Disease Treatment Process in Rugby

Typically, treatment for gum disease in Rugby involves scaling and root planing. Scaling eradicates plaque and tartar around the gums, while root planing smooths the roots to deter further plaque and tartar accumulation. Treatment methods vary by case but can include deep cleaning, antibiotic therapy, or surgical procedures. In severe instances, full mouth reconstruction may be necessary.

Prevention and Recovery

Preventing and reversing gum disease in Rugby involves rigorous oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups. Early detection is crucial for managing the disease with dental interventions, though advanced stages might necessitate surgical solutions.

If you’re showing signs of gum disease, immediate professional intervention is crucial. Rugby Dental Care offers a broad range of dental services for both minor and advanced gum disease cases. Maintaining excellent oral hygiene, routine dental visits, and following prescribed treatments are essential for overcoming gum disease.

Comprehensive Dental Services

Beyond gum disease treatment, Rugby Dental Care provides an extensive array of dental services, including pediatric and cosmetic dentistry, dedicated to ensuring your oral health and securing a confident smile.

Recovering from gum disease may span several weeks, underscoring the importance of maintaining impeccable oral hygiene and frequent dental appointments to avert recurrence.

For specialized care and assistance in combating gum disease in Rugby, connect with Rugby Dental Care. Our team is prepared to aid in restoring your oral health and rejuvenating your smile.


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