Why are people phobic or fearful of the dentist?

Did you know that 1 in 4 of the population is affected by dental fear or phobia? While fear is just a reaction to danger, phobia is an irrational fear accompanied by the feelings of panic, loss of control and anxiety. It can have a dramatic effect on a person’s health and quality of life. Neglect can lead to bad oral hygiene, dental pain and eventually tooth loss.

Fear of the dentist can come from negative experiences such as:

  • A previous painful visit to the dentist
  • Hearing sounds coming from the surgery
  • Insensitive comments from family and friends
  • Not having a feeling of control while in the chair

In today’s society teeth play an important part in a persons physical appearance. Unsightly and uncared for teeth can lead to problems with confidence and self-esteem. Don’t stop your fear stop you from getting a healthy, bright smile.

At Rugby Dental Care our Principal Sima Rahimi is passionate about helping those who suffer from dental fear or phobia. Having spent several years training and studying Sima now incorporates hypnosis into her treatment plan for those who need her help.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation. It cannot be carried out against someone’s will, they have to want to cooperate. The subconscious mind is more receptive to suggestions in this state. Therefore with the use of carefully selected language positive suggestions are made to the patient who will achieve a desired effect and bring about a progressive change.

Sima Rahimi has been successful in treating a number of our dental phobic patients, who have been happy to write testimonials to this effect.

Sima quotes:

“My experience treating patients who are nervous or phobic means I can appreciate what a major step coming to the dentist can be. Therefore it is important to make the patient feel comfortable and in control at all times. As well as hypnosis we use the most up to date technology to administer local anaesthetic using the painless magic wand.”

Sima Rahimi is a member of the British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis.


Wand Dental brings the administration of local anaesthesia to the 21st century with the The Wand® STA Instrument. For over 150 years syringes have gone by largely unchanged, but now they bring their computer assisted anaesthesia system, capable of providing virtually pain-free dentistry.

The computer assisted anaesthesia system develops practices by improving patient satisfaction, building loyalty and referrals, and distinguishing the dental practice. It does so by enabling successful and highly predictable single tooth anaesthesia with no collateral numbness. Real time visual & audible feedbacks guide accurate identification of the correct location for intraligamentary injection, informing if the needle is no longer in the correct site, becomes blocked for any reason or if too much pressure is being used, stopping the injection before the cartridge cracks and leaks.

The Wand handpiece provides unparalleled tactile control and increased comfort with a unique pen-like grasp and Feather-like weight, increasing precision and visibility for the provider and reducing anxiety in patients.

Computer controlled flow rates means automatic control and regulation of the pressure during the injection, delivering anaestheics at a precise and consistent rate below the patient’s pain threshold and providing a consistent flow to maximise injection predictability. 3 speeds are available for use, each with a flow rate tailored for each injection technique.