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Best-rated dentist In Rugby.

From regular check-ups and cleanings to teeth alignment and dental implants, we’re dedicated to helping you feel confident about your smile.


4.8 Stars - Google Reviews from satisfied cusromers

Leading Dental Clinic Offering Affordable Private And Cosmetic Dentistry

At Rugby Dental Clinic, we take pride in enhancing your smile by delivering high-quality dental care in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Your comfort and satisfaction are paramount to our dental professionals. We strive to offer the utmost reassurance before, during, and after your treatment, ensuring you leave our clinic with a healthy mouth and a radiant smile.

We are now accepting new patients at Rugby Dental Clinic, the top-rated dentist in Rugby.

FREE initial consultations

For Cosmetic, Tooth Whitening, Invisalign, Sedation and Emergency Dentistry.

As Private Dentists in Rugby, Our Focus is on YOU.

This allows us complete autonomy to offer:

✔ Flexible specialized care
✔ Customized treatment plans
✔ Complimentary consultations
✔ Access to a dental phobia specialist
✔ Extensive range of cosmetic treatments
✔ Treatments suited to your lifestyle and budget
✔ Direct access to a dental hygienist
✔ Full control over your dental health
✔ Long-term guidance and service
✔ Achieve the smile you want, quickly

We are now accepting new patients for general dentistry.

Rugby Dental Clinic is now ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS for dental check-ups and private treatments.

Discreet Teeth Alignment with Invisalign®

Now, you can straighten your teeth without the discomfort and visibility of traditional metal braces.

At Rugby Dental Clinic, the top dentist in Rugby, we offer fast teeth realignment with Invisalign. These custom-made, clear, non-invasive aligners are designed to fit your mouth perfectly, allowing you to maintain your daily routine uninterrupted.

Custom-made Invisalign in Rugby Dental Care for discreet teeth straightening.

Cosmetic White Fillings

Discover a natural-looking solution for cavities with cosmetic white fillings.

At Rugby Dental Clinic, we enhance your smile using composite fillings that blend seamlessly with your teeth, providing a durable and aesthetic restoration.

Cosmetic white fillings offer a safe, effective way to preserve your tooth structure and ensure a natural appearance, giving you the confidence to smile brightly.

SPREAD THE COST of your treatment with our affordable dental plans.

Experience a Smile Makeover

At Rugby Dental Clinic, we understand the transformative power of a smile makeover in enhancing your appearance and boosting your self-esteem.

Our treatment plans are highly personalized, designed to deliver the results you’ve been dreaming of with maximum comfort and minimal disruption.

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